Who We Are

Gartland & Mellina Group was formed by a team of professionals with an average of 25+ years experience within the Financial Services Industry. Our goals and operating objectives are to:

  • Team with our clients as their “Trusted Advisor”
  • Be fully accountable to our clients
  • Collaborate with leading-edge technology companies in order to bring cost effective solutions to our clients
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GMG Spotlight

GMG Performs a Risk assessment for a Dark Pool Operator

In Q3 of 2014, the GMG Regulatory & Compliance practice performed an end to end risk review of an off exchange market participant to ensure the client’s ATS matching engine was operating with the proper control framework in place to mitigate regulatory, compliance, and reputational risk.

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Broker Dealers Brace for Major Money Market Reform

Following the approval of the 2014 money market reform by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), broker-dealers must respond to mandated changes to the structure of money market funds.

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Gartland & Mellina Group — A Management Consulting Company