Who We Are

Gartland & Mellina Group was formed by a team of professionals with an average of 25+ years experience within the Financial Services Industry. Our goals and operating objectives are to:

  • Team with our clients as their “Trusted Advisor”
  • Be fully accountable to our clients
  • Collaborate with leading-edge technology companies in order to bring cost effective solutions to our clients
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GMG Spotlight

SEC's Proposed Investment Advice Reform

With the DOL’s fiduciary standard permanently vacated in court this past summer, the industry looks to the SEC to set more stringent standards for investment advice. The SEC is now reviewing industry comments on the proposal package, received throughout the summer during an open comment period through August. This spotlight piece contains an overview of the proposal. GMG will continue to report on the SEC’s progress.

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LIBOR Transition: Staying Ahead of The Curve

LIBOR has been deeply embedded in financial markets for decades and is used to set rates for hundreds of trillions of dollars of ARMs, loans, bonds, derivatives (OTC and Listed) and other securitized products. GMG stands ready to assist clients with a comprehensive impact assessment including a platform review, data reference analysis, and systems traceability.

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Goals-based Investing: A New Approach to Wealth Management

The financial services industry is in the midst of sweeping shifts in demographics between two generations of investors and the approach for meeting the needs of both is evolving towards a holistic, goals-based approach to wealth management.

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