GMG hosts 2nd Annual Build-a-Backpack night in support of Operation Backpack

The Gartland and Mellina Group has established a formalized philanthropy program that is committed to supporting social causes, raising awareness, and giving back to the community through volunteer efforts.

On August 4th, 2016, Gartland and Mellina’s Philanthropy Committee hosted its 2nd Annual Build-a-Backpack Night in support of Operation Backpack, a city-wide campaign sponsored by Volunteers of America to benefit NYC’s homeless children. The goal is to give every child living in a shelter a new, full backpack with grade-specific school supplies and the tools to succeed.

This year, the Philanthropy Committee organized a firm-wide fundraising event with the goal of having enough proceeds to build 35 backpacks. A total of 24 GMG employees and their family members participated in the Build-A-Backpack Night at GMG’s New York City Headquarters and due to overwhelming success of the fundraising and participation, GMG was able build a total of 72 backpacks to donate to NYC’s children!




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