The Capital Markets: Evolution of the Financial Ecosystem

Eric Blackman, the Regulatory Compliance partner at Gartland and Mellina Group, is a contributing author to the recently published book titled The Capital Markets: Evolution of the Financial Ecosystem. The Capital Markets is considered a new standard for providing, in practical textbook style, a comprehensive overview of the financial marketplace and its products. The subject matter offers an authoritative discussion on the fundamentals of the fixed income and equity markets, underwriting, securitization, derivatives and currencies, through the lens of leading industry practitioners. Some of the key learning concepts include; understanding the impact of global and domestic regulatory changes, learning about the products that holistically make up the capital markets, exploring the components of the infrastructure that underpins the markets, examining the tools used for trading and managing risk, and reviewing new product innovation. Mr. Blackman and his colleague Robert Grohskopf co-authored the chapter titled; Cash Equities in the Secondary Market (Chapter 26). All of the proceeds received from sales of the book go to the Robin Hood foundation.


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