Goals-based Investing: A New Approach to Wealth Management

The financial services industry is in the midst of sweeping shifts in demographics between two generations of investors and the approach for meeting the needs of both is evolving towards a holistic, goals-based approach to wealth management.

Financial advisors have acted primarily as money managers who have focused on accumulating assets for clients’ retirement savings. As the baby boomer generation reaches retirement age and begins the decumulation phase including the transfer of wealth to millennials, investment firms and advisors must now play a different role: financial planner. For the current investor base, they will need to develop strategies that account for a variety of accounts and products, – at the individual and household level – tax optimization, risk tolerance and asset allocation. For the next generation of investors, the expectation is they will demand advice across the spectrum of wealth management solutions in an efficient and always accessible way.

Goals-based investing offers a comprehensive solution to clients focused on needs and goals that matter to them rather than benchmarks and markets. A successful goals-based solution will incorporate planning, investment advice, execution and monitoring and will be integrated into the advisor workstation allowing for efficient transition between planning phases while facilitating personal and multifaceted conversations with clients.

Gartland & Mellina Group is currently engaged with clients to develop, implement, integrate and digitize their goals-based wealth management solutions. We welcome a conversation to better understand your organizations goals-based approach and how we can assist.  Please feel free to contact us for further discussion or a request for our qualifications.


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