Alternative Investments

Gartland and Mellina Alternative Investments are experts in the business of running the business. We focus squarely on the infrastructure of financial institutions, offering unrivaled expertise in the alternative asset management industry.


GMG Alternative Investments excels at partnering with its clients in the areas of operations, finance, compliance and technology, developing world-class, cost-effective internal control environments. We provide tailored solutions for hedge funds, private equity firms and family offices in start-up, transition and growth phases.  Our deep operational and industry knowledge is based upon our own experience starting, growing and managing several different businesses in the financial services space.  We are hands-on practitioners providing real-world solutions.

Start-up & Spin-out Services

Whether you are starting a new fund, lifting out from an existing institution, or expanding your platform, our team of financial industry veterans provides the guidance and support you need to build your business with the operational framework required by investors.

Outsourced C-Level Suite

GMG’s Alternative Investment team provides the key executives you need immediately during downsizing, right-sizing, spin-outs, startups, or any strategic organizational change.

Operational Framework

Exceptional financial institutions require exceptional operational infrastructure. Our team of specialists can help you build the best possible operational environment.


From the initial registration of investment advisors to building and overseeing a full-scale compliance program, GMG professionals offer the customized compliance consulting programs you need.

Financial Transformation

Financial Transformation is what your organization needs to become more profitable. Our team of financial industry veterans can help you develop practical solutions to expense, headcount, and revenue challenges.


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