Strategy & Solutions Practice

The Strategy and Solutions Practice delivers highly customizable strategic, operational, and technology solutions to our clients.  Our solutions offering is a culmination of the firm’s combined years of experience and expertise across multiple functional areas within the Financial Services industry.  We help clients navigate an uncertain environment and define and implement strategies and priorities for a new era in financial services.

John J. Gustav, Partner
Gartland & Mellina Group
1385 Broadway, Suite 912
New York, NY 10018

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Business Model Transformation

Customer Operations, Location Strategy, Outsourcing Advisory, Strategic Cost Reduction, Transformation Integration, Enterprise Model Design, Shared Services, Product Diversification & Expansion

Merger / Integration Strategy

Program Governance, Day One Readiness & Execution, Target Operating Model and Organizational Design, Conversion Strategy & Implementation, Communications, Change Management, Cross-Functional and Functional Coordination

Corporate Strategy

Strategy Planning, Execution & Management, Business & Operational Strategy Integration, SWOT Analysis, Business Case and Financial Analysis

Operational Effectiveness

Process Reengineering, Procedural Optimization, Operations Staffing Assessment, Alternative Sourcing Methods, Vendor Analysis, Platform Renovation, Remediation Activities, Business Process Management: Design, Modeling, Execution, and Monitoring; Risk and Control Framework Documentation, Design, Evaluation, and Enhancement

Innovative Solutions

Blockchain Solutions: Blockchain Strategy Development and Evaluation; GMG Blockchain Intellectual Property

Robotics Solutions: Process Analysis & Selection; Robotics Tool Evaluation & Selection; Performance Measurement & Management; Implementation & Production Planning

Robo-Advisor Solutions: Robo-Advisor Strategy Development and Evaluation; Vendor Analysis; Next Generation Robo-Advisor Intellectual Property

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