White Papers

The GMG Industry Insight Series is designed to help Financial Services firms better adapt to the challenges and opportunities to today’s advanced technology evolution. Specifically, this Series is focused on helping a wide range of financial services firms to better leverage and implement the latest technology platforms to become more efficient and effective in their business practices.


GMG’s Whitepapers aggregate the most insightful data and recommendations from deep research and practical application across the industry. Moreover, this Series delves into key technology trends and their potential impact across all aspects of business, including Client Relationship Management; Regulatory Reforms; Governance, Risk Management and Compliance; Operations; Security; and Human Resources. By addressing the state of the industry, why these solutions matter, the competitive advantages that successful adoption can offer, and the key operational and business challenges of implementing each new technology, GMG offers a detailed roadmap for how to effectively overcome these challenges to drive real results.

The Series’ topics are below.  For press inquiries, please call MBC Strategic at (310) 445-3333.

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