Chairman of Gartland & Mellina Group


Dear Colleague,

On behalf of the Gartland and Mellina Group, welcome to “An Evening of Discussion on Fintech and the Financial Services Industry: Disruption, Destruction or Collaboration?”. For the last fifty years, Computer Technology has facilitated the ability of Financial Services Companies to process greater transaction volumes, analyze and synthesize enormous amounts of data, create new products and services, deliver a better client experience and to manage risk while creating new and more complex risk and service challenges. Increased regulation, legacy technology infrastructures and changing client needs have paved the way for a new breed of Fintech firms who are aiming (in some cases) to dis-intermediate traditional providers. We are pleased to be engaged with our clients on responding to these threats and opportunities in areas such as blockchain, digital wealth management, software robotics, and more.
We have brought together a distinguished panel of speakers to give their insights on this evolution led by Brad Hintz, Adjunct Professor at the NYU Stern School of Business and former nationally ranked Research Analyst, Jane Gladstone, Senior Managing Director at Evercore Partners, Jim Toffey, CEO at LiquidX , Vincenzo LaRuffa, Head of the FinTech Group at Aquiline Partners and Vijay Mayadas, Corporate Vice President of Strategy for Broadridge.
Tonight we also have a new President-elect who will set the regulatory agenda we face for the coming years. I’m sure our speakers will have some thoughts on this as well!
We hope that you will find this discussion interesting, relevant and informative. Thank you for attending and we wish you a productive and enjoyable experience.
Robert F. Gartland

Gartland & Mellina Group — A Management Consulting Company