Innovation Partners

Aptly named, the companies we choose to work with offer innovative approaches to real-world challenges. Our current Innovation Partners include:

  • FPT Software

    As the leading provider of software outsourcing services in Vietnam, FPT has a large pool of highly skilled and motivated professionals, and delivers high quality services, such as Software Development and Maintenance, ERP Implementation, Quality Assurance Testing, Migration, Embedded Systems, Lotus Notes to Microsoft migration and many others.
  • Spring Lake Consulting

    This technology consulting firm provides right-sized solutions for investment banks, hedge funds and insurance companies. Some of Spring Lake’s offerings include: server and desktop implementation and support (both Windows and Unix/Linux), network architecture and maintenance, storage solutions (SAN and NAS), startup and relocation services, telecommunications, business continuity planning, disaster recovery, virtualization, database architecture and maintenance, remote access solutions, datacenter management and custom software development.

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