Our Solutions

We provide a variety of services that bring together our industry knowledge, technology experience, and program management capabilities.

Our core Practice Structure brings foresights, deep functional expertise, and practical approaches to a wide range of domains. Each practice is staffed by professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience within each field.


Asset Recovery 
Our Asset Recovery Practice is designed to help recover escheated and pre-escheated unclaimed financial assets. GMG has established a joint venture with Global 21st Century Group Inc. to help recover these assets.

Our Compliance Consulting Practice is designed around a deep understanding of a client’s business flows in a constantly evolving regulatory environment. GMG brings together significant Compliance experience to enable clients to meet regulatory challenges by providing best practices across the financial services industry.

Human Capital Management
Our Human Capital Management Practice offers talented individuals with experience in applying proven skills and strategies to better incorporate HCM into an organization’s plan for growth. It goes beyond the classical HR functions to include a diverse workforce, management training and the ability to adapt to globalization, metrics and resource sourcing.

Innovation/Incubation (I2)
Our Innovation/Incubation Practice evaluates new ideas, investigates emerging technologies, reviews industry specific solutions and then collaborates with our clients to define and deploy prototypes that will illustrate the benefits, quantify the advantages and preview an implementation strategy.

Technology Services
Our Technology Services provide both on-shore IT support and off-shore applications development/maintenance. We work closely with strategic partners and industry experts to deliver Strategic Advisory, Performance Improvement and Implementation services.

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