Innovation/Incubation (I2)

Bridging the gap between a good business strategy and a viable, measurable and scalable solution has always been a challenge.


Today, more than ever, there are enumerable business enablers available such as social networks, collaboration systems, cloud computing, etc. that can enhance a business’s opportunities for success. The transformation of these enablers into cost effective and revenue enhancing strategies is the goal of our “Innovation/Incubation (i2) Practice”.

This practice evaluates new ideas, investigates emerging technologies, reviews industry specific solutions and then collaborates with our clients to define and deploy prototypes that will illustrate the benefits, quantify the advantages and preview an implementation strategy.


See how our incubation approach is hatching cutting-edge, compliant and risk-averse solutions for our clients. Read more…

Innovation/Alliance Partners

The i2 Practice is closely associated with a number of hand-picked, forward-thinking partners – we draw upon them for knowledge, experience and support. Read more…


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