Technology Services

Other than your people, technology will likely be your most critical and costly investment. To help you realize the highest possible return on that investment, GMG works closely with strategic partners and industry experts to deliver Strategic Advisory, Performance Improvement and Implementation services.


You rely on technology – and you can rely on us to leverage our extensive advisory, operations and development experience across regulatory, audit/compliance, architecture, and application development (on-shore/off-shore models).

Strategic Advisory

Like so many GMG clients, you’ll quickly appreciate how we can perform complex analysis every time you’re faced with challenges like:

  • The CFO asks you to trim your annual technology budget by 5%,
    without impacting service levels and you have 30 days to create a plan – and 90 days to implement it
  • You have 30 days to compare five security vendors,
    taking into account your current and expanding technology needs
  • You were nominated to perform an ERP ROI analysis across your
    domestic and regional subsidiaries

Performance Improvement

It’s not enough simply getting technology – the key is getting the most out of it. GMG partners with your staff to analyze performance, capacity, workflow, business recovery plans, and even develop deficiency remediation plans.

Your business applications? They demand the proper infrastructure redundancy, operational procedures and backup controls. Our team will help answer those demands – as well as real-world questions like these:

  • Are you proactively monitoring key infrastructure and application bottlenecks?
  • Are you investing in the right technology to maximize your IT investment?
  • Are business recovery plans updated to reflect client demands, when lost minutes could mean potential lost customers or reputational damage?


Your technology plan looks solid and fool-proof – on paper. But even the most inspired strategies require efficient execution to ensure their ongoing succes

GMG is uniquely qualified to offer implementation services based on our sheer experience with every conceivable type of system integration. GMG can:

  • Test and coordinate complex infrastructure, O/S, middleware or application integration
  • Design a replacement for legacy application
  • Customize regulatory reporting tools
  • Migrate your Lotus (Domino) Notes environment to Microsoft (Exchange) Outlook
  • Execute a customized Software as a Service (SaaS) or iCloud hosting solution

What other ways can our global team of experts help you deliver a smart technology plan? Contact us to learn more about our Implementation services.

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