Technology has facilitated the ability of Financial Services companies to process greater transaction volumes, develop new products and services, analyze and synthesize enormous amounts of data, and manage, while at the same time create, new, and more challenging risks. Increasing regulation is driving market changes and generating opportunities for new entrants. Innovative technology-based firms are aiming to disintermediate traditional Financial Services providers who have been recently challenged with growing regulatory constraints.


“…most of what the focus today has been on in the fintech world is the investment bank – whether it’s the front office or the back office and how to make those market places better, streamline them, and take the costs out to create more efficiencies.”

James Toffey
Chief Executive Officer

“Fintech companies have many advantages over traditional financial service companies – even the largest ones – and are a force for disruption as much as enablement.”


Jane Gladstone
Senior Managing Director


“If I look across financial services, we think the real opportunity is how do we help large, medium, and small financial services firms provide efficiencies to processing, clearing, settlement, and any type of those processes, which historically have had some type of technology, maybe some type of manual process, some type of outsourcing.”

Vincenzo La Ruffa
Aquiline Capital
Partners LLC

“Given a lot of the economic pressure banks are under, blockchain is serving as a catalyst to understand how you can drive much more dramatic transformation in cost and operating models.”


Vijay Mayadas
Corporate Vice President

Gartland & Mellina Group — A Management Consulting Company