Fortune 100 Financial Institution

Inclusion Collaboration Application


  • Collaborated with the Diversity and Inclusion department of a Fortune 100 Financial Institution.
  • The Inclusion team is responsible for outreach to minority employees, encouraging interaction and creating an inclusive atmosphere in the Bank.
  • The team used a SharePoint 2003 application to organize diversity events, manage “Affinity Groups” and provide diversity information to the Bank and to the various Affinity Groups.

Opportunities for Improvement

  • The technical tool used by the Diversity and Inclusion team was outdated. The UI was unattractive and didn’t encourage participation.
  • The application was very static and one directional.
  • Event management (sending invitations, tracking responses, posting new events) was not integrated into the application.
  • Affinity Group Leaders and Admins had few tools to manage their news feeds, create events, track budgets or do outreach.

 Solution/Client Benefit

  • The GMG team performed a series of in-depth interviews with the HR Diversity Team and the Affinity Groups to identify the gaps and issues with the application.
  • A new application was defined and a detailed functional prototype was developed, which added the following features:
    • Outlook Calendar Integration directly from the application homepage. Events could be listed on the homepage, and RSVPs sent which tracked back to the Outlook Calendar. Leaders could track attendees to their events as well.
    • Customized Newsfeed capabilities-people saw what they were interested in, what applied to their Affinity Group or to their Region.
    • Affinity Group Leaders page to create events, add news items, track membership and participation and review budget and spend.
    • Improved the Use Interface (UI) via an upgrade to SharePoint 2010 from ‘03 and an emphasis on attractive design similar to a news webpage rather than a static corporate page.

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