Global Capital Markets at Top Investment Bank

Harmonization of Global Reporting Across Equities and Fixed Income Sales and Trading

Client Challenge

  • A Large Capital Markets firm runs Equity and Fixed Income businesses in North America, Europe, Asia, and Japan. Their Equity and Fixed Income trading systems are entirely disparate, therefore making aggregation of P&L and Revenue data difficult across products, business units, and regions. Senior Management is concerned that there is an uneven distribution of Sales and Research resources given to clients and cannot pinpoint the problem areas. As such, one client may not be paying revenue commensurately to the amount of resources given to them. Transactional data and Client Relationship Management (CRM) data are so large, that traditional database tools take IT resources to mine and report the information. Ad-hoc and standard reporting is costly and has a long time-to-market.

Our Approach

  • Two Project Management Teams were set up to unify Equities and Fixed Income data along with various sources outside of transactional data into one reporting platform:
    • The Data Integrity PMO had two workstreams: Data Capture and Data Normalization.
    • The Business PMO also had two workstreams: CRM Integration and Analytics/Reporting.
  • “Big Data” sources, which were identified as Transactional data and CRM data, were cleansed and unique identifiers were found before integrating into the proposed Reporting Platform.
  • The Data Integrity PMO worked closely with existing sales and trading technology teams to identify and streamline all front-end systems utilizing transactional and revenue data, as well as any other third party data sources required by the Business.
  • The Business PMO worked closely with Sales and Trading Managers and other key business stakeholders to ascertain reporting views that combines multiple data sources, giving more holistic views of clients, products, business units, and regions.
  • A full Global Training program was released to all Management, Traders, and Salespeople, which included on-the-ground support, monthly training sessions, roadshows, and weekly reporting enhancement updates by the business.

Solution/Client Benefit

  • A single Globally Harmonized Reporting Platform was created that enabled Markets users (Senior Management, Sales, Trading, Research, and Middle Office) to view streamlined reporting of Equities and Fixed Income revenue in concert with qualitative CRM activity data, gaining the ability to “slice/dice/pinpoint” data outliers on the fly through sophisticated drill down.
  • Three front-end systems were decommissioned, resulting in cost savings.
  • With Client Management on the business side as the key owner, Governance Processes and Procedures were put in place to ensure Data Integrity across revenue and CRM systems, centralizing all report creation with minimal IT support; also resulted in cost savings.

The Reporting Platform was created to be flexible enough to support other large data sources to enable the future business growth.

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